THN Public Relations (THN) has a networking group component that connects companies on a monthly basis in order to generate a steady stream of warm leads and affordable branding opportunities, helping build brand awareness that fosters business growth.




Monthly Networking EventsEach month, THN hosts an Extreme Networking Mix & Mingle Dinner so its members can cultivate existing relationships with fellow members while meeting a steady stream of new faces.

Sponsors get ten minutes to make a presentation, exhibitors one minute to call attention to their booth, and then all attendees are introduced via roll call so everyone is part of the program.

We are the ONLY networking group with this unique format.

Attendees network at 4 different levels in one night!

1. Open Networking Cocktail Hour

2. Facilitated Round Table Networking Dinner Hour

3. Introduction of Each Attendee from the Podium

4. Roster of Attendees Handed Out


Exhibitors and Sponsors receive a FIFTH Level of networking in that they get to address the audience from the podium!

Monthly Warm Leads Instead of leaving a networking event with just five or six business cards, imagine leaving with everyone’s contact info, knowing they have your info as well!


At THN dinners, the list of attendees is distributed so members can strategize as to who they want to meet that evening and follow up with the next day. This monthly list of warm leads is provided in Excel format to the sponsors. Members can request this list regardless of their attendance at the dinners.


Affordable Branding Opportunities THN is the ONLY group to offer exhibitor booths each month for ONLY $75, including dinner for one and time on the microphone. Additional booth attendants are only $45 each, including dinner.

Maximum ExposureMembers are welcome to send info to THN for distribution to the membership and beyond via our regular email blasts to 3k+ contacts. THN will actively work with its members to help promote their seminars, discounts, job openings, workshops, company news and fundraisers.


Door Prize SponsorDonate an item to be given away as a door prize at a Mix & Mingle Dinner and get recognized. The donor and raffle gift are promoted with signage in the registration area, if advance notice is given, and from the podium during the raffle. This is a FREE branding opportunity!

Discounts & VIP TreatmentMembers receive a $20 discount at the monthly dinners, a $10 discount on exhibiting and a $50 discount on sponsoring a dinner.


All members are required to offer discounts, if possible, and the VIP treatment to their fellow members and anyone referred to them by THN.

Host a Mix & Mingle - Sponsors can make a presentation to THN members for the nominal fee of $250, including:

· Three dinners ($180 value)

· Ten minutes to make a presentation to the THN members and guests (approx. 50 attendees per dinner)

· Company name and/or logo featured on all promotional materials, including a link to their website

· Company banner prominently displayed at the dinner

· Exhibitor booth to showcase marketing pieces and giveaways

· List of attendees in both hard copy and Excel format for easy follow up


CO-SPONSORSHIPS are NOW available at $125 each, sharing the time on the microphone and receiving two tickets per sponsor.

Member News – Our website’s “Resource” page features timely information such as job openings and discount coupons along with links to member sites, again offering maximum exposure to THN member companies.


Membership Rates


Corporate Members - $1,000 per year includes all of the benefits listed above and entrance for two to each month’s Mix & Mingle Dinner. Each additional employee who wishes to attend pays only $45 per event.

Premier Members - $200 per year + $40* per month includes all of the benefits listed above and entrance for one to each month’s Mix & Mingle Dinner. Each additional employee who wishes to attend pays $45 per event.

Associate Members - $200 per year + $45 every other month includes all of the benefits listed above and entrance for one to SIX Mix & Mingle Dinners of the member’s choice per year. Each additional employee who wishes to attend pays $50 per event and must be accompanied by the member.

A La Carte Members - $300 per year + $50 per event.

Non Profit Members - $100 off the annual membership rate of any level.

Non Members - $60 per person.


*The membership level’s monthly fee is available only to members who register their credit card number with THN so they can be charged automatically each month. If the member prefers to be invoiced so they can pay using a company check, a $5 service fee will be added.


THN Networking Group

272 East 237th Street, Suite 1A, Bronx, NY 10470

Tel. (516) 319-9576 ● This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ●

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